Friday, 9 October 2015

How to spruce up love life after kids!

This was written for one of the writing challenges in the wonderful wondermoms group on the topic of "Love".

How to spruce up love life after kids!
Life does become a tad bland when years pass by and you get caught in the domestics of the daily grind - career, kids, new house, budgeting and so on.

Looking back are yearning for your courting days, the romantic moments and the happy memories? Mind you, its never going to come back. The honeymoon days are over!

BUT, it does not mean you cannot have some romance in life now. It is time now to create some more beautiful memories. You and your partner now maybe are more matured, have more responsibilities and worries - but don't let the days pass by like that. Kindle the romance and make beautiful memories. Some ideas to make it:

1) Have dinner dates:

Remember the wonderful cozy dinners you had with your better half.. do that yet again candle light and all. Drop your kids at your mom's, inlaw's or perhaps your friend's place - you can return the favour for your friend some time. Enjoy the dinner without worrying about ordering the kids friendly food, maintaining the decorum of the hotel with the bawling kids and cleaning up the mess in your kids dress...

2) Have movie nights:

Same as above, enjoy a movie with your better half without taking bathroom breaks in nail biting scenes. Hold hands with your loved one in a romantic scene. Do it!

3) Couples vacation:

"When you have a vacation with kids, its not a vacation but just a change in location". How very true.
Enjoy a vacation with your soul mate sans the kids. This is easier said than done.
If a vacation is difficult attempt a weekend getaway. You will invariably have a guilt trip for leaving back the kids.. don't go that path. It is ok to have some time alone with your partner.

 If this is completely not possible, try to get your a support group to accompany you. Somebody you trust who will babysit your kid in the hotel when you take off with your husband to stroll in the quiet night.

4) Spice up the sex life:

Same person, same thing for so many years.... might get a tad boring. Use your imagination and spice up things. Gift "special"coupons on your anniversary. The coupons can be something kinky that your partner likes to do in bed and you are not as enthusiastic about it. Remember to honour the coupon when presented. Ask your partner's bed fantasy, see if you can make it happen.

All said and done, give some space and make yours. Love should not be stifling. Let go when needed but remember not to be a door mat. Enjoy!

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